Since 1997 LACOS is a leading provider of mobile solutions for breeding management of cattle, pigs, horses. All of the major professional associations in Germany and Austria are here for our customers.


  •      PalmBOS mobile recording insemination data
  •      PalmBOS / wireless mobile recording insemination data and wireless transmission in the central
  •      Palm Class offspring Review and Herdbuchkuheinstufung for DHV-range
  •      Palm Class / F offspring assessment for the Simmental area
  •      Palm Bull Index Catalog
  •      Palm Kiss Kundeninformatiossystem for Rinderzuchtverband
  •      Palm Breed individual Anpaarungsplanung
  •      Palm herd Herdenanpaarung
  •      PalmGZP bull dam management
  •      PalmZVB mobile breeding database
  •      PalmMLP detection dairy tests and animal data


  •      Gilts evaluation and selection


  •      Gynaecology Management
  • More Informations